# Device Name
K081744 Scanning Photocoagulator Delivery System
K050716 iScience Opthalmic Viscoelastic Injector
K053298 Hydron Alphasphere Orbital Implant
K043486 OptiMedica Pascal Scanning Photocoagulator
K041108 iScience Opthalmic Microcannula
K041893 Intralase Femtosecond Laser
K023902 USGi Shape - Lockable Endoscopic Overtube
K030957 Milvella Perfect Capsule
K013941 Intralase Pulsion Fs Laser Keratome
K013641 Senorx Biopsy Device
K012145 MicroVention Microplex Coil System
K012004 SenoRx Easy Guide Electrosurgical Device
K012023 SenoRx Anchor Guide Lesion Localization Device
K012799 USDI Es-2000 Shape Select Endoscopic Overtube
K011840 Cervilenz Uterine Measuring Sound
K002890 Intralase 600c Laser Keratome
K001694 Guidant NEURONET Endovascular Snare
K004006 Coherent Selecta Opthalmic Laser for Treatment of Glaucoma
K022736 Tracey-VFA Visual Function Analyzer
K991124 Visijet Hydrokeratome Model 50
K000727 y-Beam Bufflight CLT Surgical Dermatology Laser System
K993154 ARC Laser Photolysis System
K000911 Micrograsp Bipolar Cutting and Interring Device
K993695 Liga-Loop Suture Applicator HYSTERX
K993190 Advanced Computer Controlled Microkeratome
K993153 Intralase 600c Laser
K992714 Micrograsp Monopolar HYSTERX
K925606 Optical Zone/Hexagonal/Astigmatism/Radial Markers
K926412 Micron-Scope II for refractive surgery
K915861 Medilens-CS Corneal Shield
K905825 Collagen Shield, Various Models
K903575 Chiroflex Forceps
K903574 Chiroflex Lens Microsert™
K901880 Medilens™ Corneal Shield
K894162 Optisol corneal storage media
K885015 Coi 72 Hr Collagen Shield
K885016 Coi 24 Hr Collagen Shield